Studio 509 Kids

Studio 509 Kids
Studio 509 Kids Schedule Spring 2018

Spring 8-Week Session

Begins April 16th

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Studio 509 Kids! Classes

Our mission at STUDIO 509 KIDS is to provide quality programming for kids and teens in an environment that is supportive and non-competitive. Dance is a form of physical expression, it instills a sense of discipline and respect… for our students, their classmates and their teachers.

In our classes, kids work on their muscular endurance, their flexibility and their coordination. They learn to connect their mind to their body. Each child in the class will interpret the movement and music differently. We create structure in which our students can find freedom. Dance is fun and we celebrate this at STUDIO 509!

Move ‘N Groove



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Preschoolers love to move! Purposeful movement helps develop the brain, nervous system and muscles of growing children. They gain confidence as they are challenged to become aware and creative with their bodies. As the rate of childhood obesity increases it’s never too early to teach kids about healthy fitness and wellness choices. This fun and age-appropriate class will get them Movin ‘N Groovin! “MOVE N GROOVE” WILL HELP PRESCHOOLERS:

Achieve body awareness with and without music
Improve coordination, concentration, and focus.
Stimulate gross motor skills
Improve rhythm and musicality 
Experience the joy of movement and physical activity using props.


  • WARM-UP: Engage and open the muscles
  • FOLLOW-ALONG MOVEMENT: songs for mind-body connection & concentration
  • PROPS: Use of scarves, maracas, and pompons to facilitate creativity, freedom of movement, and gross motor skills
  • DRILLS: Fitness movements to improve coordination and challenge the heart and lungs. Create an awareness of space.
  • YOGA: Beginning poses to improve balance and concentration
  • DANCE FUNDAMENTALS: Improve body and spatial awareness while gaining an appreciation for music! RECENT RESIDENCIES 

The “Move n Groove” curriculum follows the NJ state standards for developing and appreciating creative movement and dance;  one of the 5 preschool standards for social/emotional development. 

Backyard Kids

Grades 1-5

Let’s Make The World A Better Place!

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Take care of yourself with a daily fun-filled class in fitness, walking, or dance.

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Each day we find new things to do together! Some activities may include arts and crafts, team building games, tie-dying, music, scavenger hunts, outdoor sports, bead making, healthy cooking and more! YOU GIVE BACK!

Each day we can make a difference by doing things to help others and the world around us. We’ll collect donations for those in need, clean up our environment, learn about recycling, spread some cheer for the local seniors and more!

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 SESSION 1: July 30-August 3

 SESSION 2: August 6-10

$675 for both Sessions
(sibling discounts available)

Studio 509 Kids! Birthday Parties

Let Studio 509 Kids! host your child’s super fun party for ages 4 and up.

Studio 509 Kids parties last 90 minutes.

The class portion is 45-50 minutes of dance/fitness. We keep them moving the whole time with fun music, easy to learn dances, hooping and a fun obstacle course. We tailor the playlist for the birthday child so you can let us know your childʼs favorite songs and we’ll incorporate those into your party playlist.

For the last 45 minutes, we spread a big tablecloth on the floor and the kids eat “picnic” style. You are welcome to bring in food and decorations of your choice. Typically families order pizzas, bring cupcakes and provide water or juice boxes. We discourage ice cream and open juice cups as they are difficult to clean in our setting. We are there the entire time to help set up, serve and clean up!

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