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Our mission at STUDIO 509 KIDS is to provide quality programming for kids and teens in an environment that is supportive and non competitive. There are many benefits to dancing at STUDIO 509 KIDS. Dance instills a sense of discipline and respect… for our students, their classmates and their teachers. In our classes they work on their muscular endurance, their flexibility and their coordination. They learn to connect their mind to their body. Dance is a form of expression. Each child in the class will interpret the movement and music differently. We create structure in which our students can find freedom. Dance is fun and we celebrate this at STUDIO 509!

Backyard Kids 2017

Grades 1-5

July 31-August 4 (1 SPOT LEFT)

August 7-11 (2 SPOTS LEFT)

Our camp is small but it’s got a big heart! We teach kids that even the smallest kindness can make a big difference in the lives of others. How can we make the world a better place? It all starts in our own backyard, and in this case Bethany’s backyard, where we have a ton of fun and give back at the same time!

Session 1: Our campers collected $190 for the Mt Pleasant Animal Shelter by selling tie dyed dog bandanas, leashes and collars. They also visited the Whitehouse Nursing Home for a fun sing a long with the residents. We’re so proud of our campers!

contact studio 509 for registration info! or 973-275-0509

Studio 509 Kids Birthday Parties

Let studio 509 kids host your child’s birthday party. Contact Studio 509 for more information about this super fun party for ages 4 and up.

contact studio 509 for registration info! or 973-275-0509