Our group classes are appropriate for all fitness levels and for both men and women. Our instructors emphasize core strength and postural alignment, and always present modifications for different fitness levels and individual limitations. We currently offer the classes listed below (consult schedule for times).

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DANCE FUSION is a mix of ballet, jazz and modern for the mover that enjoys learning a fun routine each class. It’s a great workout for both your mind and body!

TOTAL FITNESS is a whole body workout designed to tone muscles, increase range of motion and develop core strength. We combine strength training and conditioning with bursts of movement to increase cardio-vascular fitness.

GROOVEFIT is a movement class that will get your heart rate pounding while challenging your balance, coordination and strength.   We sample movements from salsa, hip hop and other dance styles in this easy to follow and exhilarating workout.  You won’t  stop smiling.

PILATES/PILATES with TRX  creates longer and leaner muscles, increases core strength, stability, balance and flexibility without causing muscle or joint strain. Individuals are encouraged to work from the “inside out” and to find their “quiet power.” Pilates w TRX incorporates the suspension straps for additional strength work.

CARDIO TRX combines cardio challenges along with the total body work of TRX.   TRX stands for “total body resistance exercise.”  With the use of suspension straps you’ll increase your total body mobility and stability, while you strengthen your core and major muscle groups.

YOGA & TRX A full body workout that combines Vinyasa Flow with the power of TRX exercises.

STUDIO BALLET creates length, strength and grace. This class incorporates a ballet barre, across the floor movement and easy to follow center floor combinations.

TAI CHI is an ancient Chinese discipline of meditative movements practiced as a system of exercises. Experience this mindful journey as a way to relax, restore and focus.

STUDIO 509 KIDS We offer quality programming for kids and teens that is supportive and non competitive. Click here for more details.